How to make: leek and potato soup

Before I moved to the UK I had never heard of leek and potato soup. It was as foreign as carrot and coriander soup (I’d never heard of that either!). I was doubtful at first, because let’s face it, it’s leeks and potatoes.


And potatoes.

Not the most exciting vegetables around. I decided to not be judgy and give it a try and I fell in love. It’s so good.

I usually serve it with oat biscuits (cracked pepper are our favourites) or bread. Because carbs with carbs are the best carbs, right?


Cooking guide

You use about the same amount in volume of potatoes and leeks (you can use the greens, no need to throw them away). Plus whatever aromatics you like, garlic and onions are the most common ones.

Chop everything roughly and brown it with a little bit of oil. The potatoes are your guide, when they start getting brown, you’re done and you can add the liquid.

You can use water, but stock is better. You want to at least cover all the veggies. The more you put, the thinner the soup will be. Bring everything to a boil and then allow to simmer until the potatoes are soft.

Now you can blend it all or leave it chunky. After blending you can add whatever extra flavours you want: salt, pepper, herbs, spices… you can even personalise it for every person.


My vegan version

I usually use as much of the green part of the leek as I can, it makes for a soup that is not as pretty, but the flavour is much better. And, reduces waste.

I almost never use stock because my kitchen is tiny, so stock cubes it is. Taste almost as good. If you do like me remember to check the nutrition information because some can have tons of salt and not much else.

For aromatics I used onion, celery, green bell pepper and garlic. My kids are not fans of bell peppers, but I regularly get them in the fortnightly veg box, so I have to use them somehow and they never seem to notice them in leek and potato soup. However, they complain that the soup is missing something if I don’t put it in. Kid logic!

My favourite ‘toppings’ to add are nutritional yeast for a cheesy flavour or smoked paprika. I add both right at the end so I don’t lose any of the flavour.

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