Kitchen clean-up and use-up: week 1

I’ll try to keep this as short as possible!


Breakfast: porridge with currants and sunflower seeds, tea with soy milk.

Lunch: salad with lettuce, tomato and carrots with cornbread.

Dinner: soup with a mix of cabbages, brown rice, beans (from the freezer) and some leftover tomato soup mixed in (there wasn’t enough for one serving) with crusty bread (made from scratch).


Breakfast: crusty bread with margarine and jam, tea with soy milk.

Lunch: one portion of leftover salad from Wednesday for me, packed lunch for the kids (cherry tomatoes, the baby carrots, cornbread with cheese, apricots and yogurt).

Dinner: none for the kids (they fell asleep early after a day out). Bread with cheese and tea for me as I was also ready to go to bed early!


Breakfast: more of the crusty bread with peanut butter and jam, tea with milk.

Morning snack: trail mix with cashews, sunflower seeds, marshmallows, currants and chocolate chips. We were very hungry after having no dinner the day before! The kids had most of the leftover baby carrots.

Lunch: we went out to Boxpark in Croydon as a last day of school holidays treat.


Dinner: more of that cabbage and rice soup. There’s so much of it! Good thing it turned out very tasty. And cornbread.


Breakfast: porridge with assorted toppings (seeds, dried fruit, nuts), and coffee with soya milk. We made porridge for the week and froze it.

Lunch: the kids and my husband had a snacky lunch and I had miso soup with rice noodles, peas and broad beans.

Dinner: sandwiches with ‘ham’ and ‘cheese’ and cherry tomatoes. It was my daughter’s birthday party so we were all too tired to have proper dinner.


Breakfast: porridge and hot chocolate.

Lunch: Quorn chicken fillets, mash/rice (depending on preference), Brussels’s sprouts and gravy. Very simple and a bit bland because the kids were with stomach-ache (probably the party food!).


Dinner: currants, banana and cinnamon waffles, baked apples and ice-cream (almost healthy as I used no sugar and oats). I made a batch to snack on during the week.



Breakfast: porridge with toppings, and tea

Lunch: some more of that soup.

Dinner: red lentil spaghetti with Bolognese sauce (with Quorn mince). My daughter and husband don’t like bolognese so they had noodles with mixed veggies.


Breakfast: some more porridge! And mate cocido (yerba mate with milk).

Lunch: leftovers from Friday’s lunch with some added steamed green beans.

Dinner: quesadilla-looking thing with a lot of salsa and beans inside.


I finished several pantry items: flours, cornmeal, canned potatoes, some beans, cashews, marshmallows, chocolate chips. Some fresh produce: lettuce, tomatoes, carrots. And frozen: Quorn mince and fillets, sliced spring onions, ice-cream.

I also made a dent in the frozen veggies and the wraps.

The soups are still in the freezer looking at me. I had just made them so I made a lot to have maybe once a week. I did make it quite bland so that I can add different flavours every time we eat it though. But I might still slow down with those and just keep them in an insulated bag while I defrost the freezer.

This week I only bought fruit, soya milk, the meal we had out and a few cakes and snacks for my daughter’s party.

I realised how much time I spend inside the supermarket and at the shops!

We’re nowhere near being able to unplug the fridge, so we’ll carry on for (at least) another week.

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