Kitchen clean-up and use-up: week 2


Breakfast: porridge with banana chips and chia seeds, and the usual tea with soy milk.

Lunch: leftover lentil pasta.

Dinner: soup-in-a-cup while at work, the family had rice with some sort of vegetable from the freezer.


Breakfast: more porridge, this time with almonds and dried kiwis. And coffee with milk, hot chocolate for the kids.

Lunch: lentil soup. Again. My kids have given up on it.

Dinner: miso with rice noodles, silken tofu and tenderstem broccoli.


Breakfast: sourdough toast with margarine and jam, the kids had peanut butter.

Lunch: couscous with gumbo (I had some frozen).

Dinner: ‘beef’ seitan and cashew ‘cheese’ sandwiches, boiled cabbage (I actually love boiled cabbage, I’m weird).


Breakfast: porridge with peanut butter, herbal tea and hot chocolate for the kids.

Lunch: same couscous as Friday (but I didn’t mind because the gumbo was great).

Dinner: roasted potatoes, Brussels sprouts and peas with lentil falafels.


Breakfast: oat and chickpea flour chocolate waffles and hot chocolate.

Lunch: couscous with the leftover roadted veggies from Saturday.

Dinner: sort-of valencian paella but with beef seitan, broad beans and brown rice.


Breakfast: toast with jam, tea with milk.

Lunch: the last of the couscous with gumbo.

Dinner: some more paella.


Breakfast: porridge with assorted topping, and hot chocolate.

Lunch: the last of the lentils! Yay!

Dinner: rice with beans and nutritional yeast.


I think I’ve put the children off lentil and cabbage for about a decade now. And probably off porridge too! Other than that I managed to come up with some pretty good meals: miso, sandwiches, couscous, paella, falafels… they were all devoured in minutes.

I got back into making a lot of things from scratch, like seitan (I’d completely forgotten I had almost 1 kilo of vital wheat gluten!). It’s always so tempting to just pop over to the local shops and get some meat alternative instead of making it, but it’s actually so quick and easy that buying the processed stuff is just not worth it. And there are tons of possibilities!

So, here’s the breakdown:

  • Pantry: mostly herbs/spices, small baking bits and some porridge toppings left.
  • Fridge: condiments and a bit of ‘cheese’ and still some limes.
  • Freezer: I’d love to say it’s empty, but not really. Still a few tupperwares of soup left, enough for 4 more meals. As soon as those are done (I think Friday) I’m unplugging the fridge.

I’m so happy to have done this. It was a great learning experience and a real push to my creativity.

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